A cheat sheet of our most commonly used terms


Play Host: An approved seller

Player: A buyer

Play-4-Good Partner: An approved charity


Play: A listing created by the Play Host

Play Link: A shareable link to a specific Play

Entry Fee: The cost to join a Play, set by the Play Host, for a chance to win the item.

Spot: What the Entry Fee pays for. Players can choose their Spot number when purchasing. There is no limit to the number of Spots a Player can purchase.

Free Spot: The no purchase necessary Spot reserved in each Play. A Player can enter to win the Free Spot in every Play.

Bonus Spots: Spots that have been pre-selected by the algorithm as freebies. Upon checkout, if a Player chooses a Spot that is revealed to be a Bonus Spot, the Player is not charged.

Total Spots: The total amount of Spots in the Play that need to be filled before a Play closes.

Wheel of Playfortune: After the Play closes, the Wheel of Playfortune, powered by a third party randomizer, spins and selects the winner live.

Play Dough: Money


Playfora Influencer Dashboard: A tool Play Hosts can log into to check their commission status for Players they refer to the platform.