With Playfora, approved charities can easily benefit from passive donation streams that are secure, reliable, and independently initiated by Playfora sellers.



This is fundraising made (very) easy

On Playfora, sellers, or Play Hosts, can independently initiate passive income streams on behalf of eligible organizations as long as they’re listed in the Playfora app.

Here’s how it works:

If your organization is on CharityWatch, you qualify to participate in thrilling experiences known as Plays.
If a Play Host selects your organization to receive a donation as part of their Play, no action is required on your part.
As long as the Play closes and a winner is selected, you’ll automatically receive one percent or more of the total sale proceeds.
On Playfora, we want everyone to feel good about doing good.

More ways to raise

Playfora is making online shopping exciting again, so Play-4-Good Partners can expect to continuously attract donors, and draw in new and diverse giving audiences.

To help you make the most of this increased traffic, here are two additional ways to raise money on Playfora:

Become a Play Host

If you run your own Play, you can receive 100% of the total sale proceeds and pay a reduced processing fee.

Refer your supporters to Playfora

If you become a Play Host, you can earn commission for every new Player you recruit who joins your Plays. You’ll earn 1% of their total spend on the platform - for life. This is a passive fundraising stream that lasts forever.

Ready to get in the game?

Apply to be a Play Host

Safe and secure transactions

Playfora is built on cutting-edge technology, so all transactions are safe and secure, and all Plays are compliant with federal regulations.

Additionally, all accounts are connected using Plaid, the world’s leading open banking platform, and all funds are processed using secure blockchain technology.

Your funds are held and secured by a FDIC-insured bank until you’re ready to make a withdrawal.

Questions about Play-4-Good Partnerships?

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