When my wife, PTA President at our kids’ school, was brainstorming ways to generate funds, I suggested a March Madness contest. Half of the funds would support the school, the other half as the prize pool. While I had successfully organized such contests before, the school declined my proposal due to regulations and policies.
However, this setback inspired a thought: What if I managed this outside the school system and later donated the earnings? They wouldn't refuse such a direct contribution.
And so, Playfora was born. A platform that allowed groups to incorporate charity into events they already love - like fantasy sports leagues and neighborhood barbecues.
when developing, we learned that collecting money online and giving a portion to charity was filled with complex financial regulations. in the process, we created a new way to collect and move money with blockchain technology - the first of its kind.
As different groups took part in leveraging the platform for their fundraising ($40k to date), I realized that it didn’t have to be limited to micro-communities. Individuals could sell items while supporting the charity of their choice, and buyers could take part in a new way to shop online. This way, everyone wins.
Whether you are a seller, buyer, or non-profit, I hope Playfora allows you to feel good about doing good.

Jeff Spencer, CEO and Co-Founder

Purpose and Mission

Playfora connects people through play, while creating new economic opportunities for sellers, providing buyers with more equitable access to items, and ensuring every transaction supports important causes.

Our mission to become the world’s most playful and charitable destination, fully transforming the way people engage with social commerce.

Our Leadership Team

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Abhishek Arora, VP of Technology, brings 12 years of experience as a software engineering leader. He was previously at DoctorPlan.
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Jeff Spencer, CEO and Co-Founder, brings 17 years of sales leadership and partnerships experience as a former Non-Profit Account Executive.
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Katherine Ortiz, Chief Marketing Officer, brings 16 years of integrated marketing experience, including brand and content leadership roles at eBay.